Hey, I am Sebastian Alvarado

This Will Knock Your Socks Off

Data Science: Harnessing data's power to derive valuable insights

I have been fondly fascinated with the emerging trend of Data Science and the high demand for data analysts in the current market. My preferred tool for this job is R, since it has all the powerful packages to get the job done!

This curiosity led me to participate in iXperience program to learn more about this amazing field.

My most important data science skills can be shown with my projects:

Software Development Just Because I really like to build stuff.

Four years of programming experience has given me the tools to be a Software Developer Ninja

I enjoy working on full-stack development, back-end development and mobile applications

Check out my recent projects and let me know what you think:

Work Experience Learning on the job.

I love putting all my knowledge and skills into developing new and valuable products while learning a lot. That is why, my working experience has given me the ability to work alongside bright people that have pushed my boundaries into what can be done. Tight deadlines, changing project requirements and agile development can summarize my experience on the field.

Even though, I have never worked on a pure software company, software development is pivotal for many businesses.

Academics and Learning: Pushing my boundaries and broadening my horizons.

If I were to pick something to do for life, I would pick learning. Not just learning from textbooks but actually going out there and discover how things work and let my curiosity fly.

At the University of Toronto the relevant courses that I have taken are:

Also, I am a big enthusiast of taking online courses aka MOOC to broaden my skills out of the classroom.

I have taken the following courses online:

Let's chat! I am always keen to meet new people and who knows, we might connect and work on something great.